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Itchy, Scratchy Dogs:

What could be the cause?

Dogs can be itchy for a number of reasons including: parasites (fleas, mites), skin infection, dry skin, or allergies.  When your pet is uncomfortable because of constant itch you will notice your pet scratching, chewing/biting, shaking their head, rubbing, or scooting excessively.  You may also notice under their fur that their skin is red and irritated.  So, what do you do if you notice your dog is itchy?  Since itch can come from a number of sources we recommend a visit to your veterinarian to get to the root cause of your pet's itch.  A complete exam and diagnostic tests will identify the source of the itch and allow the veterinarian to develop a specific treatment plan to address the itch.  The treatment plan can include medications, food trials, and other treatments.  Once a treatment plan is developed it is important to stick to the plan and bring your pet in for scheduled follow-up exams to ensure the treatment plan is addressing the itch.  With successful treatment of the underlying cause of itch your dog will be happier, healthier, and itch-free!

Below are some articles and resources regarding itch: 


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